Discover now the Sancy

The Massif du Sancy, located in the green mountains of the Auvergne, is the perfect place for people who like tranquility, nature, walking & hiking, mountain biking and water sports.

Walking and hiking

The Sancy, located in the ‘Parc Naturel des Volcans’, is a must for those nature and hiking enthusiasts! You can enjoy its fantastic volcanic landscapes and beautiful flora and fauna. To be able to enjoy this exceptional “at one with nature”, nothing better than a walk. Discover the areas around Saint-Nectaire, enjoy the views and waterfalls in the Chaudefour Valley, go hiking to the Puy de Sancy (with its 1,885 m. altitude, the highest peak in the Massif Central) . There are so many different tracks for adults or children, beginner or advanced, there is something for everyone!

For many different hiking trails in the Auvergne you can see the following 2 links: Walking & Hiking routes and the 20 best Running Trails around Clermont-Ferrand

 Water activities

100% fun in the waters of the volcanoes of the Sancy!

A day of rest and relaxation at the beach? Read a book or have a nice picnic by the water? A walk or a bike ride around the lake? Cross the lake on a sup or pedal boat? Everything is possible! In the Sancy there are many lakes for different water activities. One of the lakes is only a 10-minutes’ drive from Villa St Hubert: Lac Chambon. This lake has 2 beautiful sandy beaches, there are areas with trees and the water is always at a pleasant temperature in summer. And above all, there are fantastic view of the Sancy mountains and the Vallée de Chaudefour.

  Mountain biking and cycling in the volcanic area

The Massif du Sancy in the Auvergne is a volcanic and surprisingly varied region. Around Saint-Nectaire there are beautiful panoramic roads. There is an extensive network of mountain bike trails in the Sancy. For road bikes there are 210 climbs with height differences between 220 and 1600 meters. You also can choose an electrical mountain bike (VTT-électrique) to discover the Massif du Sancy, which can be rented in Murol (5 km. from Villa St. Hubert). Click here for more information. Check the following links for 20 best MTB trails in Puy-de-Dôme, the 20 best Road cycling routes in Puy-de-Dôme and the 20 best Bike touring routes in Puy-de-Dôme.

 Ballooning & Paragliding

Admire the Sancy from above……

This is possible in the Auvergne! This can be done by hot air ballooning, skydiving or paragliding over the volcanoes and its beautiful landscapes. An unforgettable experience. A hot air balloon flight can be taken near Lac Chambon or the Puy-de-Dôme. Only fifteen minutes away from Villa St. Hubert, you can make your dreams come true. For more information, check the website of ‘Auvergne Montgolfière’ here: Ballooning

Fly above the Puy-de-Dôme and its volcanoes! Discover this unique experience with a tandem paragliding flight with a certified instructor. If you feel like experiencing new sensations and you’re looking for a thrill, to admire the superb panorama, to feel free as a bird… then take a look at: Tandem paragliding flight